Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run this in Docker/LXC/… or even directly on my server?

Yes, but we don’t think it’s a good idea for production environments. By using a VM, you considerably reduce the attack surface and you won’t risk getting your host taken over if an exploit is found in the kernel that could allow an attacker to exit the chroot or the namespaces in which they are sandboxed and thus gain privilege escalation. This has happened before.

Can I use this to run multiple source files?

We’re not planning on adding this feature. camisole is designed for “quick and dirty” source code evaluation. If you’re planning to do anything more complex than “take this source file, compile it and evaluate it”, you’d be better off using isolate directly and make it suit your needs better.

Why is it called camisole?

It means straitjacket, because we restrain what the programs can do. In French, « Ça m’isole » means “It isolates me”, it’s a fun nod to our isolation backend, isolate.